Matter, Non-Matter, Anti-Matter

Tirana Art Lab – Center for Contemporary Art, Tulla – Culture Center and Beyond Matter EU present Matter, Non-Matter, Anti-Matter. Exhibition of Artists in Residency HUNITI GOLDOX, Olson Lamaj, Valentina Peri & Immaterial Display

26 June – 28 August 2022

An exhibition with works by duo HUNITI GOLDOX, Olson Lamaj, Valentina Peri, created during two-month residency at Tirana Art Lab. Their works involve Extended Reality tools and deal with issues of public space in the city of Tirana, while engaging with topics of individual and collective memory, water ecosystem and power representation in the virtual age. The artists were chosen from the joint second call for artists in residency launched by Tirana Art Lab – Center for Contemporary Art, Tallinn Art Hall, and the Hertz-Lab of the ZKM I Center for Art and Media.

The exhibition includes as well the Immaterial Display, an interactive station for experiencing two legendary and major past exhibitions: Les Immatériaux (Centre Pompidou, 1985), and Iconoclash (ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, 2002).

Curatorial and scientific team: Corina Apostol, Philippe Bettinelli, Julie Champion, Adela Demetja, Lily Díaz-Kommonen, Felix Koberstein, Marcella Lista, Cvijeta Miljak, Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás / Curator of the artist-in-residency program: Adela Demetja

© HUNITI GOLDOX, “As Dust, as Rain, as a Line on The Map and a Crack in History”, 2022


“As Dust, as Rain, as a Line on the Map and a Crack in History” is a three channel installation by HUNITI GOLDOX done as part of their contextual research at Tirana Art Lab. The work reflects on the state of the present while unveiling vulnerable landscapes and societies and their entangled relationships. Through attending to Tirana River and the city’s urban development projects,  the work poses questions about the lines of power affecting present capitalistic, social and ecological structures in Tirana and beyond.

© Olson Lamaj, 2022

Olson Lamaj

Olson Lamaj has researched and investigated ongoing debates around space and art in public space in Tirana. He will present a series of photographs and Augmented Reality (AR) interventions in Tirana’s main square creating semi-monuments consisting of written statements contributing critically to debates in relation to digital transformation, spectacle, consumption and power structures in contemporary societies and art.

© Valentina Peri, 2022

Valentina Peri

Valentina Peri presents her ongoing project “Her Boyfriend Came Back From The War”. The starting point of her work was the discovery of her Italian Grandfather’s WWII archive who was stationed in Albania and the love correspondence between her grandparents at that time.

The aim of the project is to reactivate the archive while adding a new layer of the experience Peri made while retracing her Grandfathers memories through the use of Augmented Reality (AR), and to trigger a re-enactement of individual and collective memories. She is particularly interested in how it will impact the organization of narratives.

The exhibition includes the Immaterial Display developed by ZKM I Center for Art and Media and Centre Pompidou consisting of an interactive installation where it is possible to revisit two past legendary exhibitions Les Immatériaux (Centre Pompidou, 1985), and Iconoclash (ZKM | Karlsruhe, 2002). This novel installation consists of two browser-based models presented in a custom-made immersive display through which a connection between virtual space and real space is established. The display examines the possibility of exhibition revival through experiential methods of digital and spatial modelling based on the case studies of the two exhibitions with the aim of exploring the impact of computer-based information and the shaping of digital realities on all fields of knowledge.

“Matter, Non-Matter, Anti-Matter” in Tirana is in itself a hybrid exhibition where newly created works that use Extended Reality tools are displayed in combination with virtual reminiscences of past exhibitions, posing questions about current and past issues and their representation in art, while opening the road to a more philosophical debate about virtual and the physical.

The residency program and the projects resulted by it as well as the Immaterial Display are part of the large-scale cooperation project Beyond Matter. Cultural Heritage on the Verge of Virtual Reality. dedicated to novel, digital approaches to exhibition revival, documentation, and dissemination, and the artistic, curatorial, and museological elaboration of the chances given by virtual representation. Project Partners: Tirana Art Lab – Center for Contemporary Art, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Centre national d’art et de culture Georges Pompidou, Weiss AG, Ludwig Múzeum – Kortárs Művészeti Múzeum, Tallinn Art Hall, Aalto University, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL (associated partner).

Co-founded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.


Opening Saturday 25th of June 7:30 PM

26 June – 28 August 2022

Tulla – Culture Center

Hiqmet Delvina, Nd. 4, Hyrja 2, Tirana, AL

Mon–Fri: 9AM –5PM / Sat: 11AM – 3PM / / /



Adela Demetja



Co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union and German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media
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